Your smile says a lot about your personality, and is one of the most important pieces of making a first impression. But injuries and decay can wreak havoc on both your smile and your confidence. Crowns and bridges can repair, reshape, and transform teeth that are broken, cracked, decayed, or missing. You could be a great candidate for a crown or a bridge if you:

  1. Have significant tooth decay
  2. Have teeth that are missing, broken, fractured, or eroded
  3. Have large dental fillings that leave the remainder of your tooth susceptible to damage and decay

At Holcomb & Associates, we are committed to helping our patients achieve bright and healthy smiles. Crowns and bridges are often an important step to ensure that patients are not only confident, but healthy. Putting off a crown or a bridge for too long can result in:

  • Increased Decay – A crown acts as a protective cap over a tooth that is severely decayed. Left alone, continued contact with bacteria will worsen the decay over time, risking complete loss of the tooth.
  • Infection – Decayed or cracked teeth provide the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to grow. In rare cases, delaying a crown may lead to an infection and a root canal.
  • Tooth Shifting – A bridge fills in spaces from missing teeth, keeping the surrounding teeth in place. Without a bridge, your teeth will shift and may undo previous alignment work (such as braces or Invisalign). Decreased Strength – A missing, decayed, or cracked tooth can weaken the surrounding teeth, leading to gum disease and jaw discomfort.
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