Do you find yourself hiding your teeth when you talk, laugh, or smile? At Holcomb & Associates, we believe that everyone deserves a smile that they can proudly show off! We are proud to offer a range of high-quality cosmetic services to empower confident, happy smiles. Our professional cosmetic dentistry services can help you address:

  1. Tooth discoloration and translucency from aging, genetics, or stains
  2. Chips, cracks, and weakened teeth due to injury or age
  3. Gaps, crooked teeth, and damaged enamel

Cosmetic dentistry can cover a wide range of concerns, providing significant restorative and aesthetic benefits. Cosmetic dentistry at Holcomb & Associates includes:

  • Professional Whitening – Coffee, sugar, and tobacco can all wreak havoc on the color of your teeth. Professional whitening is safe, pain-free, and much more effective than drugstore treatments. Even one appointment can yield incredible results!
  • Bonding – Chips and cracks can not only cause you to hide your smile, but they can also damage your cheeks and gums. Composite bonding can fill in cracks and chips with resin, creating a perfectly smooth shape and surface.
  • Implants – Severely damaged or missing teeth may require a dental implant. This will enhance your smile, strengthen your teeth, and reinforce the structure and strength of your bite. Learn more about dental implants here.
  • Crowns & Bridges – A crown is custom-fitted over a damaged tooth to improve strength, alignment, and appearance. A bridge replaces one or more missing teeth to fill in gaps and protect against tooth rotation and shifting. Learn more about crowns and bridges here.

Ready to learn more about cosmetic dentistry? Schedule an appointment with Holcomb & Associates! We’ll help you keep your smile bright and healthy for years to come.